Kimberlee Leonard


With humor and insight, I help audiences understand concepts and drive home messages that are otherwise lost in translation. Whether it is speaking to a sales group or holding the mic for the day for a street fair’s crowd of 100,000, Kimberlee brings an unsurpassed enthusiasm to the show.

My passion project

Avoid the Lack Trap is a proprietary program available to single moms of any background. As a single mom myself, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to maintain the priorities of the house with your inner desires to grow and go after bigger things. This program helps single moms understand the unique ways of balancing what they want with what they need to get done. The program stems from the blueprints set forth in Stay @ Home Single Mom.

My signature series

Set to Soar takes the concept of your why and jumps deep into the root of your true priorities to help you find success. Intermixing my experience as a marketer, business woman, sales strategist and mother, I help audience members find the right balance between defining what you want and what you are truly willing to work for. In understanding that balance, people are able to free up emotional energy to reach their goals.
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