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I’m honored. But it should really be all about you. I love getting to know about people’s dreams and goals. It inspires me with mine and helps me find ways to help others achieve more.

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Why Blogs Fail? And How You Beat the Odds.

Did you start your blog because you were bored, maybe had a bit of whisky or wine and decided you were the most brilliant person in the world? Let’s face it, that’s essentially how Facebook got started. So why not, right?

There is a key difference in how to start a blog and how to monetize a blog.

With more than 30 million bloggers in the world and some 75 million new posts published every month, are you getting the clicks you want? Probably not. Most bloggers report frustrations getting people to read their content let alone find a way to monetize it. Even existing brick and mortar businesses struggle to get their online content to effectively do the marketing it is intended.


Sure, competition has something to do with it. The real problems for blog failure lie in flawed blog strategies and practices. But as an acting coach once told me, those who stick around and keep progressing usually get a career – maybe even stardom. The same is true with blogs, blogging and online conte..

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The Future of SEO: The Rise of Voice Search and Snippets

Snippets are the quick little exerts that Google shares when someone asks a very targeted question online. A snippet usually is a quick bullet list, definition or explanation. Typical snippets are less than 55 words in length and can are commonly pulled by Google near ads even when websites aren’t a top SERP.

Voice search is where consumers ask Siri or Google or what seems like the microwave at times to answer a question. “Google, how long does it take for a potato to explode in the microwave.” Serious questions need quick and useful answers. Snippets have truly arisen because of voice search needs.

Consumers might type in, “best Chinese food,” but will ask Google while driving, “Where is the best Chinese food.” In other words, while people text in emoji, they haven’t started speaking in keyword phrases.

Why Content is King with Snippets
Snippets answer very specific questions about a topic. This means that the content must address the question directly and quickly. Content that doe..

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Before You Hire a Writer, Do This

That’s right! I want to talk to you about what to do before you hire us, another writing service or a freelance writer.

I learned a long time ago in sales that asking for the business is always a top priority. So, I’ll start with, yes I’d like to write the content for you or your company and develop a long-term relationship that makes you money and makes me money as well. There! You know I want your business.

Here’s the other part, I’m willing to earn it. Part of earning it means helping you be prepared so you can get the most out of writing services (ahem, ideally mine). Regardless of who you choose, preparing yourself for the process will make things move smoother, keep the writer on track with what you need and help you maximize your return on investment.

Define the Need
For as many personalities as most writers seem to have, we really aren’t mind readers – though many will try to convince you they are. When you hire a writer and say you need business content, you are not helping..

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