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About Me

This is where I’m supposed to wow you with all my great accomplishments. Life can be funny because you don’t always realize how successful you are until others point it out. My background is diverse, which can sometimes feel a bit nuts, but I’ve done well in the areas I’ve worked in.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, I decided to change course from pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology. I became a penny stockbroker and later a highly sought after bank financial advisor. It was nice to be making great money and have people want to work with you, but a little voice in my head kept calling me to other things.

I studied acting and writing, did standup comedy, and sold my first screenplay when I was 27. I was drawn into the creativity of Hollywood and bought into the pursuit with everything I had, investing my own money into small productions to learn from and build experience with. Having my son a year later changed my perspective.

My goals changed from major pursuits to the pursuit of being the best mom I could be. But divorce would have other plans for my career pursuits. Back out on my own as a single mom of a toddler, I decided that the pursuit of an entertainment career was not something I was willing to spend the time away from my child to do. But writing, that’s where I could find a creative outlet and still be home with my son.

It wasn’t an easy road, but with the internet growing and my background in finance, opportunities for business planning, writing, and consulting opened up. I jumped on them like a child in a bounce house. But cracking the code when the economy hit a recession in 2008 had me second-guessing what was prudent. An entrepreneur at heart, I opened my insurance agency.

The goal was to build a business where I would eventually have the time to enjoy the writing pursuits my heart was called to – the creative stuff. There was little satisfaction in being an agency owner so I made the call a few years later to dive back into content writing. I learned SEO, worked on some great projects, and cracked the code to my freelance career in way I hadn’t before.

As more and more people questioned how I accomplished it – along with the many dinner questions of whether or not one could actually make money freelancing – I decided to write Stay At Home Single Mom: Writing the Way to Your Happy Ending. After getting a book contract with Good Red Road publishing, my coaching career was born.

It’s exciting to share my experiences with others who want to have the freedom to work from home and help them develop the discipline to succeed. Ironically, the whirlwind of endeavors my career has seen all comes to the aid of my clients with financial planning, business savvy, entrepreneurship, and, of course, writing and content marketing strategies. Everything has come together in a way that uses all my experiences in a fulfilling and rewarding way.

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“I invite you to jump on the train with me – the scenery is spectacular.”