About Me:

Since You Asked….

If my life were a movie, it would be called It Could Only Happen to Kim. A strange mix of experiences from being a nationally producing sales rep to stand-up comedy. From a very conservative insurance agency owner to partnering with a Christian film production company to find out they were producing porn to fund their projects.

I’ve lived the reality of a Wolf of Wall Street scenario, just without Leonard DiCaprio and had a Hollywood divorce without being in a celebrity relationship. I seem to find myself in interesting scenarios.

Life is funny.

What isn’t funny is the success I’ve had over the past 20 years through the, sometimes very serious, funny. That I take pretty seriously.

I’m A Content Strategist

After 18 years of putting words to paper, screen and sand (at times), I’ve discovered my unique skill.

Yes, I’m a writer.
Yes, I have sales skills.
Yes, I have business acumen.
Yes, I understand SEO.

But what I really am is a storyteller. I do this for businesses in a way that doesn’t just build their ranking, but builds their brand. Every business has a story to tell. What’s yours?

I’m An Author

Becoming a single mom meant I had to make a choice: go back to work, go back to school or figure something else out. When I had my son, my life choice was clear: I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

Out of pure (and disproportionate levels) stubbornness, I chose to pave my own way and build a freelance writing career. Stay @ Home Single Mom is that journey, a book designed to help women understand that they have choices. When we set our priorities and attack our goals, we can provide a life that offers us the closest balance to having it all.

I’m a Speaker and Trainer 

Call this the residual stand-up comic effect, but I love getting on a stage, teaching and feeling the energy of an audience. While my days at the Ice House are long since faded, my passion for standing up and building people up is more present than ever.

My Set to Soar and Avoid the Lack Trap Series are two programs I am so proud to bring to audiences and businesses alike.

Empowerment | Sales | Goal Setting | Family Balance | Financial Services.

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I’m a Businesswoman 

I’m a firm believer in doing while teaching. The result is using my own experience and expertise to build several successful businesses over the years. I’ve owned my own brick and mortar establishments starting with editing companies and an insurance agency. I don’t like being married to a storefront though.

I’ve built my own online companies. Some provide products, some provide services, some have educational courses. If you want to see how I put my own companies together with diligence and strategic design, I’m happy to share. I don’t just tell my clients how to build a better online digital footprint – I show them.

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