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The Autism Rate Grow: Are Vaccines Necessary?

The Autism Rate Grow: Are Vaccines Necessary?

Autism rates are going up with a recent CDC report stated that 2014 records showed 1 in 59 eight-year-old children spanning 11 communities tested were on the autism spectrum. There is much to debate over the increase in autism in the United States. The top of the debate conversation is vaccines. Are vaccines necessary and how can we fight the rise in autism rates?

There are three different people coming to this post: the person who believes vaccines can directly cause autism, the person who believes vaccines are necessary and don’t have a correlation, or the person trying to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.

My Job in This Argument
Full disclosure: I am not here to debate the topic or try to change any person’s mind. Quite frankly, if your mind is already made up, you should probably stop reading – either way. We are parents, all of us. We love our children. We love their friends as if they are our own. My son’s vaccination history has followed the advice of his pediatrici..

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Single Mom Raising Boys: Finding Male Role Models

Single Mom Raising Boys: Finding Male Role Models

Most days, if the phrase, “moms raising boys” hits the news there either is a school shooting, reviews of gang violence or other youth violence. Troubled boys without a father-figure in their lives is..

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A Blog’s Purpose: What Are You Selling and Why?

Every blog is either a business or a hobby. Most bloggers, even hobbyists, would like their blog to become more successful financially. Yet, most blogs sit in the cyber-atmosphere. It’s easier to get spiders to crawl into your shoes. If only blogs could move as quickly as you just checked your shoes. A critical flaw for most blogs is they are not specific in their purpose.

Take a moment to think about why you started blogging. Was it because you had an existing business and wanted to build a bigger digital footprint? Were you a stay-at-home mom looking to connect and share with other moms? Do you just enjoy writing?

Marketing Basics: Sell What Customers Need and Want
Every marketing and sales guru will tell you that successful marketing campaigns solve a customer’s problem or desire. It takes a look at what the customer’s intention is and goes from there. But it goes beyond that, it goes to the customer’s emotional state. This is important because the customers buy on emotion and jus..

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