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Burnout, Writer’s Block, and Emotional Fog

Burnout, Writer’s Block, and Emotional Fog

Burnout, Writer’s Block, and Emotional Fog
Every writer fears the moment when they need to meet a deadline and the words just won’t come to them. Writer’s block is like not being able to scream in a nightmare; you see the keyboard, your mind feels the thoughts but never will the two comingle for something cohesive. Garble is all that comes out and it sucks.

I shouldn’t be surprised to feel a bit of burnout right now. I started the year with a huge goal of massive content for my own websites on top of the regular content I write for clients every single day. That being the case, I don’t think it was the content that has me stuck in a bit of a fog. Rather than jump back into the normal schedule, I decided to put this together as I have pondered and fought the feelings of burnout, writer’s block and emotional fog over the past couple of weeks.

Identifying the Problem
Burnout isn’t something that happens overnight. Think about a campfire. It will continue to burn as long as there is fuel..

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Pet Vaccinations: Are Vaccinations for Dogs Needed

Pet Vaccinations: Are Vaccinations for Dogs Needed

Pet Vaccinations: Needed or Not
The debate over vaccinations extends beyond the human element with pet owners wondering if vaccines are safe or necessary for their pets. Vaccinations are designed to reduce disease for your pet and to stop the spreading of deadly diseases in general. As with most things, there are both pros and cons of getting your dog or cat vaccinated.

What Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats Protect Against

Pet vaccinations are to prevent your dog or cat from getting sick or from creating a public health crisis in shelters or among social animals. Many vets contend it is less expensive to vaccinate regardless of the small risk of adverse reaction than it is to treat an animal that contracts a disease (if it is treatable).

Distemper: The distemper vaccination helps prevent the spread of the airborne virus that can lead to many serious health issues including permanent brain damage.
DHPP: the DHPP is a mixed vaccine containing distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and par..

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International Women’s Day: Single Mom Style

International Women’s Day: Single Mom Style

It is that day where we celebrate how far we have come. Welcome to International Women’s Day and make it great. You’ll see it all over the internet with people saying “Happy International Women’s Day,..

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