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Website Niche Vs Pillar Content

Website Niche Vs Pillar Content

When a blogger or business really start to look at their website in a way to focus content that wins at Google and wins with sales, the idea behind a niche becomes the central focus. While most existing businesses already have an existing niche, many bloggers fall into the trap of trying to do too many things to appeal to too many people.

This isn’t a good strategy because unless you are spending a lot of money to market the website, you aren’t getting Google to recognize what you offer.

Is a niche the same as a pillar?

Creating A Niche for Your Website
A niche is a category you identify that allows you to focus on the special characteristic of products or services that directly help a targeted demographic. A niche helps you find your buyers who are ready to buy and don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about it. You have what they want and they are ready to pull the trigger.

Think of it this way: is your website a department store model like Target or Macy’s, or does it foc..

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When to Say “Screw the Content Calendar”

When to Say “Screw the Content Calendar”

There are few who are bigger proponents of a content calendar than me. After 18 years of professional writing, I know that content calendars work. They serve as a map for a content marketing strategy and help alleviate writer’s block since you always know what is the next topic and title. However, there is a time to toss it aside and say, “Screw the content calendar.”

Writer’s Block or Writer’s Constipation
When you are knee deep in creativity, there are times that writer’s block isn’t even writer’s block. It’s more like writer’s constipation – the backlog of too many ideas you want to pursue preventing you from getting any one idea out. It’s all in there, creating angst and frustration because you simply want to do too much.

There are other times when you simply feel like you are being constrained creatively with assignments. Most of us became writers and started blogs because it fulfills a creative outlet. There are times when you are looking at a content calendar, for your own w..

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Building Pillar and Cluster Subtopics

Building Pillar and Cluster Subtopics

The last blog article talked about the Maypole concept as it relates to something called pillar content. Remember that pillar content is a big theme idea that you use to give an expert overview with sub-pillar content taking the big general ideas and getting more detailed about specific parts of it.

After doing the exercises in the MayPole Challenge, you’ve determined what your pillar content concept is and now you want to figure out how to build the clusters with pertinent and relevant information. After all, isn’t anything revolving around your topic pertinent? No.

Building relevant sub-pillars or clusters really starts with your website layout and the categories you tag your content.

Logical Progression of Ideas
Look at these examples of website themes and the clusters of content within them:

Safer Family Alliance is an emergency planning and safety blog, which means its primary theme phrase is “emergency planning and safety.” While anything and everything could be related to th..

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