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Helping a Choking Infant

Helping a Choking Infant

Dealing with a choking infant requires assessing the situation to determine what is causing the obstruction, then proceed with 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts. This is to be performed on a conscious child. If the choking infant goes unconscious, begin infant CPR. Always call 9-1-1 in emergency situations.

Anytime you are dealing with a child or any emergency situation, you will need to first check the scene for safety. This means assessing whether or not it is safe to remain (i.e. do you smell gas?). Then check the infant to see if there are other visible injuries or symptoms. Get consent (with infants, this is with a parent or guardian if you are a third-party).

Quick List for Conscious Infant Choking First Aid
Remember these 5 steps when assisting an infant who is choking.
1. Check the Airway
2. Give 5 Stern Back Blows
3. Give 5 Chest Thrusts
4. Repeat Back Blows and Chest Thrusts
5. Continue Until Object is Dislodged or Infant Becomes Unconscious.

If the infant becomes unconscio..

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9 Car Seat Safety Tips

9 Car Seat Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year when we spend more time loading up the car to spend a day at the park or the beach. Take a few minutes to double check your car seat safety tips and installation guide just to be sure your baby is properly protected.

Here are nine tips to keep your child safe in the or car seat safety restraint:

1. Rear-Facing Until 2 Years Old
Ask a certified car seat safety technician how long to keep a child rear facing and they will answer, “As long as possible.” The fact is, while most states have adopted the law of keeping babies and toddlers rear-facing until they are at least two years of age, we would all be safer traveling in the backward position.

Only 7% of highway fatalities result from rear impacts, meaning the biggest threat to injury is a front or side impact. In a front impact, your body snaps forward based on its continued inertia while the entire car stops, sometimes going 70+ miles per hour. When sitting in the rear-facing position, your..

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Pillar Vs eBook: Goliath Vs Goliath?

Pillar Vs eBook: Goliath Vs Goliath?

Building pillar content takes time, thought, and a ton of energy. In the end, you want to make sure you are maximizing the return on your investment with the creation of pillar content. This means properly using the content in several ways. One of the most common questions I get asked is: should I put the pillar on my website or just offer it as an eBook?

This a fair question that actually has a very simple answer: do both. Both are heavyweight Goliaths that deserve your consideration in development.

Consider the purpose of both as you decide on how to finalize your content. There are pros and cons to each type of content distribution method for you to consider.

Key Terms: Pillar, Cluster, Sub-Pillar, Supporting
Pillar and cluster are often used interchangeably because they refer to the grouping of ideas on one topic. It is the body of articles, not just one article. However, for the sake of this blog post, we will further differentiate the “pillar” as being the large body article..

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