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Pillar Content: 5 Ways to Analyze New Content Success

Pillar Content: 5 Ways to Analyze New Content Success

Pillar content is created and published over a period of time. When you think about the massive amount of content you need to create, a pillar can fill the content calendar for months if not an entire year. This is great for bloggers who worry about finding topics to write about; having the pillar map helps guide you every week with the content you need to focus on that will get your results.

However, with it taking so long to get the entire pillar published, how do you know you are succeeding?

Pillar analysis and updates fall into every other marketing category when it comes to measuring success. First, you need to be measuring things, and second, you need to update your plan if the results are not what you hope or expect. Knowing what metrics to follow and how to interpret them will help you make the right decisions with your future content and any updates to existing content.

New and Young Blog Growth Expectations
It can be hard to feel like you are making progress if you simply..

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How to Integrate a Call-To-Action (CTA)

How to Integrate a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Converting words into subscribers and subscribers into buyers are the fundamental purposes of online content. Just popping an image of something cool to buy just isn’t going to cut it with the amount of content out there. Prospects are savvy and how you create and where you implement your call-to-action will directly impact your conversion rates and overall success.

The Types of CTAs
HubSpot describes eight types of CTAs that are commonly found in blog posts. These structural ways to integrate a call to action to attract people at different parts of the post to take different types of action. Not all CTAs have the purpose which is why experimenting with different ones will not only determine which offers generate the best conversion rate, but what style is most effective for your content.

Here are the eight types of CTAs:

1. Bottom-of-the-Post CTA:
The bottom of the blog should always have some sort of CTA. Don’t just leave readers with the conclusion of your blog; tell them what ..

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Developing the Lead Magnet

Developing the Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a very effective way to take a reader to the next level in the marketing sales funnel. Lead magnets are an incentive that readers are given to download or get something, usually for free, in exchange for an email. Common lead magnets are checklists, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, or videos.

Lead magnets don’t have to be huge or expensive for a blog owner to create. But they have to have value. This makes them a very cost-effective way to build a list to develop trust and continually market to interested prospects.

Value of the Lead Magnet
As a business, your goal is to generate sales. In order to generate sales, you must have prospects. Businesses that create prospect machines are able to have a steady and constant flow of interested buyers for their products or services. As a blogger who wants to make money with their blog, you must develop a prospecting machine as part of the sales funnel.

Not everyone comes to your website ready to buy – they have not move..

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